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About the contractor.
A Brief background behind SureGuard Roofing Company

Hello, I'm Tony Saferian, Owner of SureGuard Roofing. When I started This Roofing Company over 25 years ago I made an important decision. I had to decide between doing things as cheaply as possible with a "take the money and run" strategy -OR- provide my customers with a quality roofing service they deserve. I chose quality of service.  The choice was obvious as I wanted my company to grow and expand as I had a long future in front of me, I needed to make sure my customers were happy.

We are committed to providing top notch, high quality service to our customers. I will personally see to it that you get the quality of service you deserve before, during and after your roofing, siding or gutter project is completed

We Keep You Informed.
We feel its important to teach you exactly what's wrong with your roof, how it happened, how its fixed, how its replaced, etc.  We want our customers to learn as much as they can so they can make an educated choice in there roofing repairs or replacements.  We are always here to answer any questions you have. Don't get misinformed by a company just trying to reach there hands in your pocket book! Know the facts, as we have made this webpage to help explain and inform customers of there roofing concerns. 

Pricing & Quality

I'll admit there are lots of home improvement or handyman roofing contractors that may beat us on price! Be Careful. Read Ahead !  Most property owners get burned because the Roofing contractors they hire over-represent their skill level or because they are unreliable. Most roofers or roofing Contractors fail to provide property owners with the information they need to make a wise decision. So I went ahead and developed this website to answer some of the questions about Roofing and Roof Repairs that you may have about choosing a Roofing contractor, price or cost is not the only factor. 

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Metal Roofing
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